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Why are Release Notes the Best Way to Announce Product Updates

Posted by Fabian Seibt | July 18, 2022

The fast pace of technology’s evolution is rapidly changing business dynamics in the modern world. Today the success of an organization is defined by its ability to continually improve the quality of its products and services. Successful businesses focus on making their products better and therefore, implement functions and operations that improve productivity and drive innovation. One such function is the creation and maintenance of release notes and release notes for product updates. Below we have discussed why release notes are the best way to announce product updates.

Advantages of Release Notes for the Company

Centralized Communication

Communication is a critical success factor (CSF) for any business. Good quality communication boosts cohesiveness and teamwork among employees within an organization and builds trust and confidence among clients outside an organization. Release notes are designed to improve the quality of information by Centralising the main communication channels. This means that all information regarding product updates is available in one place.

Release notes are quick and cost-effective as compared to other modes of communication. Both the time and resources of an organization are saved as there is now no need to use multiple channels to deliver information to multiple users.

Detailed segmentation and classifications

There are certain practices that are defined to increase the effectiveness of release notes. One such practice is the detailed segmentation of product updates. For instance, three unique segments are created for debugging updates, improvements updates, and new feature updates. These classified fields allow different users to navigate through the information more conveniently.

Release notes are also dated continually meaning that all product updates are sorted in a chronological manner. This sorting creates a detailed timeline of the changes that have been made to the product. This is a key feature that plays a vital role in an emergent situation. For instance, key developers might be replaced with new ones. In such a case, the new developers will quickly track and comprehend all changes in the product from the start using release notes. Release notes don’t show all the changes in code but offer insight and sneak-peak into what was changed and when.

Valuable Insights

Release notes provide valuable insights into the past and the present of a product to mainstream continuous innovation. The internal stakeholders including the project management and team members can obtain valuable analytics by studying release notes. For example, the features section of the release notes may show the additions of certain product features at an earlier date and their exclusions at a later date. These changes will give insights into customers' preferences and the organization’s response to those preferences. This study will also help in designing the road map for future updates accordingly.

Drive motivation

Experts believe that release notes can boost team morale and motivation. The reason behind this phenomenon is that release notes are a visual representation of the organization’s commitments, struggles, and success. Release notes represent the challenges of the past and how the team overcame those challenges and embraced the innovation process. It showcases what the team has been through in the past and what it can be in the future.

Release notes also play a key role in developing new team members. Especially when it comes to understanding and embracing the culture and paradigm of an organization.

Advantages of Release Notes for Stakeholders & Investors

Attracting angel investors

Most startups don’t have great financial records which means that the early investors would only invest if the product has potential and is well displayed to them.

Release notes are the best way to address such issues. Investors pay close attention to release notes to monitor updates and improvements that the company has made. These updates are also matched against customers' responses to ensure that they are targeted to improve customer satisfaction. The release notes also show that the start-up has executed its plan in an effective manner. In short, release notes improve the outlook of the company and help in getting investors onboard.

Release Notes as a Mode of Communication

Building trust amongst customers

Most products and services are continually updated to increase consumer satisfaction by providing a high-quality user experience. Release notes are generally published resources that attest to an organization’s commitment to serving its customers. This communication builds confidence amongst the customers and attracts new prospects as well. Therefore, many organizations use release notes not just as an accountability and communication channel but also as a marketing channel.

Combining Release Notes with other modes of communication

There are a number of ways through which businesses communicate product updates. These include emails, webinars, social media posts, blog posts, etc. None of these modes are as effective as release notes when it comes to product announcements. But the best way would be to integrate these communication channels with release notes.

The best way to integrate release notes with your social media marketing is by use of Loggify. It is a dedicated release notes tool that automatically distributes the release notes to the connected communication channels. Release notes managers don’t need to log in to several channels and post their release notes. Just create one in Loggify and let it automatically appear on our website, Zapier integrations, Slack, Social media and other connected channels. Loggify helps simplify and automate the procedure of creating and publishing release notes.

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